Vacancies ultimately result in expensive costs for landlords. The landlord will still be responsible for paying the regular expenses of maintaining a property, including taxes, maintenance, utilities, and the mortgage, but the property will no longer be bringing in any income. It is vital to fill a rental property fast to prevent these expenses from piling up.

Optimize your Website

A large percentage of individuals searching for their next rental property turn to the internet first. Due to this, it is incredibly important to take the steps to optimize your website. You should also focus on SEO to ensure that possible renters are able to easily locate your website with an internet search. Obtain high-quality pictures of the rental property. You may also want to consider adding a 360° virtual tour to your website.

Use Signs

A simple “For Rent” sign can drive a significant amount of interest to your rental property. Though it seems to be too simple to be helpful, it is important to add appropriate signage to indicate that the rental property is available to renters.

Incentivize Referrals

When you provide existing tenants with rewards for successful referrals, you can fill vacancies in your rental properties fast. In addition to filling the vacancies, it can also encourage both tenants to live in your rental property for longer. When they live close to a friend or family member, a tenant is more likely to stay in the rental unit. There are many advantages to providing incentives for referrals.
Here at Keyrenter, we provide many services to help improve the rental process. This includes everything from thorough screening to managing maintenance of the property. To learn more about how to fill rental property vacancies fast, contact our experts at the Keyrenter in Main Line today!