Investing in upgrades to a rental property is very different from upgrading your own home. When you upgrade your home, you will likely choose an investment that will make your home more convenient or comfortable. However, when you upgrade your rental property, you will need to focus primarily on what investments will increase the value of the property and improve the satisfaction of your tenants. Here are a few cheap ways to improve the value of your rental property. 

Get a New Paint Job

A new paint job can do a lot to upgrade your rental property. Implementing a paint job is a fairly simple and cost-effective process. It can go a long way toward improving the appearance of a room, as well as increasing the overall value of the building. Use neutral, appealing colors for rental properties. 


Sometimes upgrading your rental property can be obtained simply through cleaning the property. A home that is allowed to accumulate dirt and grime will look far shabbier than a clean property. Thoroughly cleaning the rental property will substantially enhance its appearance. 

Upgrade the Lighting

Lighting goes a long way toward improving the environment within a room. When you upgrade the lighting, you are able to create a far more cheerful, aesthetically-pleasing environment. In addition, upgrading lighting fixtures with more energy-efficient varieties can help to lower overall energy expenses. 

Invest in Landscaping

Landscaping is often an overlooked aspect of rental property, though it is actually a crucial component. The curb appeal of a property has a significant impact on its value. Investing in improved landscaping for your property will enhance the curb appeal, increase the value of the property, and can also be implemented to reduce overall energy expenses by strategically providing shade. There are many cheap ways to upgrade your rental property and increase its value. To learn about more cost-effective improvements you can make to your properties, contact us at the Keyrenter in Main Line today!